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Как прототип героя романа Джека Лондона устраивал бесчинства на Дальнем Востоке Российской империи

The Korea Times разразилась серией очерков о прототипе главного героя романа Джека Лондона «Морской волк». Ренегат, браконьер, нескучный человек.

В тексте есть несколько фотографий Владивостока, побережья Камчатки. Делюсь ссылками.

Здесь и неуважение к местной власти:

"MacLean, however, did not know of their treatment and probably wouldn't have cared. He was a tough man and so it comes as no surprise that he was soon in trouble for challenging authority.

According to him, it was customary for the citizens of the city to yield the wooden sidewalk whenever they encountered Russian officials or military officers. One day, he encountered three officers walking abreast on the sidewalk and refused to step aside ― into the muck-filled street ― so that they could pass. 

An altercation occurred and the officers soon found themselves in the muck. A group of Russian soldiers sprang to the assistance of their officers and soon MacLean was subdued. For his insubordination, he was hauled before the magistrate for failure to show "proper respect to the Russian uniform."

И планы по уничтожению русского гарнизона ради массового истребления тюленей на территории Российской империи:

"MacLean was a fighter. He never quit. In late 1892, he was offered command of the steam-sealer Alexandria. Almost immediately rumors began to circulate on the San Franciscan wharfs that he was going to return to Copper (Medny) Island ― the very place he was caught and his ship confiscated the previous year.

The island was famed for the thousands of fur seals that basked in the sun on its rocky shores. They were a valuable commodity that the Russians jealously guarded (preserved) and allowed only a small number to be harvested. The seals' protection was only a small garrison of 20 ill-trained Russian and native islanders. MacLean was going to destroy the garrison and then harvest the entire population of seals.

He hired 52 men from the wharf ― all were "notorious in San Francisco as fellows who would enjoy a fight." Among his crew were 18 former navy seamen ― including Hiram ("Spud") Murphy, the champion gunner of the U.S.S. Boston. Spud had recently been discharged from the navy and was looking for adventure ― an adventure only MacLean could provide. "

А также некоторые другие злодеяния.


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